IxAP & IDHF 2018

23rd-24th, October 2018, Qingdao, China

International Symposium on Interactive Technology and Ageing Population 2018 (IxAP)

Affiliated International Symposium on Interaction Design and Human Factors 2018 (IDHF)

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IxAP & IDHF 2018

Ageing is associated with a multitude of biological, cognitive, and social changes that impact the use of technology. These issues can seriously influence usability. However, age also brings new opportunities, and for example increasing spare time, family connections, and learning/travel opportunities that well designed mobile apps could support.

Same as young adults, silver hairs are also eager to engage into the digital era to enjoy the benefits made by modern technologies. However, few design effort is made to enhance current designs and products more silver-friendly, which in some aspects, hampers both the accessibility and the actual user experience.

IxAP (affiliated IDHF) focus on gathering researchers from multi fields related to Human-computer Interaction to draw broad discussions, in-depth investigations, and implementations for both the designer side and the customer side (especially for older adults).

IxAP & IDHF 2014 was held by Center for Human Engaged Computing (CHEC), Kochi University of Technology (KUT), Japan.
IxAP & IDHF 2016 was held by Center for Human Engaged Computing (CHEC), Kochi University of Technology (KUT), Japan.
You can also see IxAP & IDHF 2016 submissions on the ACM Digital Library
IxAP & IDHF 2018 will be held in Qingdao China, co-located with ICVRC and CHINAVR 2018

Call for Abstract

Authors are required to submit abstracts for their presentation at IxAP & IDHF 2018. The purpose of the abstracts aims at coordinating efforts on aging-related important themes specifically:

  • 1. To strengthen the state-of-art by synthesizing research efforts that are presently fragmented over various disciplines

  • 2. To investigate user behaviors when manipulating smart devices and services (e.g. eye-hand coordination, cognitive load, motor control, etc.)

  • 3. To validate the influence of using modern technologies in preventing physical and mental declines (e.g., serious game, VR, meditation, etc.)

  • 4. To develop a set of research practices and design guidelines to senior-centred computing from both functionalities and aesthetics aspect

  • 5. To build a community by bringing experts together from different disciplines including HCI, Cognitive Psychology, Gerontology, and Accessibility domains

  • 6. To raise awareness among the community people in which issues about older adult have not been well considered.

Presentation Type: oral communication
Abstract Text: 500 words maximum (excluding title and reference part)
Language: English


1. Each abstract must include a correct description of objectives, material and methods, results and conclusions so that the Program Committee of the IxAP & IDHF 2018 can make a correct review. Please submit your abstract to ixap.idhf2018@gmail.com
2. Please use the template for writing your abstract
3. All abstracts will be reviewed by at least two members of the IxAP & IDHF Program Committee
4. For accepted abstracts, the presenting authors are required to be in attendance at their oral sessions.
5. Outstanding accepted research progress content will have the chance to be extended to 4-page short paper and published to ACM Digital Library.

Welcome to Qingdao, China

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Important Deadlines

28 July, 2018

11:59PM Japan Standard Time (JST)

Call for Abstracts

30 August, 2018

11:59PM JST

Deadline for Abstracts

10 September, 2018

11:59PM JST

Notification to Authors

25 September, 2018

11:59PM JST

Camera-ready deadline

22 October, 2018

9:00AM-5:00PM CST

Registration Day

Arrival & Registration for IxAP & IDHF 2018

23 October, 2018

1:00PM-8:30PM CST

IxAP & IDHF 2018 Symposium

Keynote speeches

Abstracts/Poster presentation & discussions

Banquet with ChinaVR 2018

24 October, 2018

1:00PM-4:00PM CST

IxAP & IDHF 2018 Symposium

Internal Workshop

Keynote Speakers


Beijing Institute of Technology


Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences


Kochi University of Technology


Jilin University

Special thanks to

Committee Members

General Chairs

  • Yue Liu, Beijing Institute of Technology
  • Antti Oulasvirta, Aalto University
  • Xiangshi Ren, Kochi University of Technology

General Co-Chairs

  • Jussi Jokinen, Aalto University
  • Sayan Sarcar, University of Tsukuba

Program Chairs

  • Huawei Tu, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Kibum Kim, Keimyung University
  • Xiaoying Sun, Jilin University

Publicity Chairs

  • Minghui Sun, Jilin University
  • Dongdong Weng, Beijing Institute of Technology
  • Yang Li, Kochi University of Technology
  • Xinhui Jiang, Kochi University of Technology

Publication Chairs

  • Axiang Zhang, Beijing Institute of Technology
  • Chen Wang, Kochi University of Technology

Secretary Team

  • Heyu Wang, Beijing Normal University
  • Xinyue Hu, Beijing Normal University
  • Kyoko Hatakenaka, Kochi University of Technology

Program Committee

  • Additional committee mamber(s) to be announced

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Venue & Info

IxAP & IDHF 2018 is to be hold in Holiday Inn, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China

Here lists the essential information about the venue:

Name: Holiday Inn Qingdao Expo (青岛世园假日酒店)
Address: 2 Tianshui Rd, Laoshan District, Qingdao, Shandong province, China (山东省青岛市崂山区天水路2号)
Telephone: +86 532 6675 7888
Website: 青岛世园假日酒店 (Holiday Inn Qingdao Expo)

Airport and railway station

Qingdao International Airport: 99 Minhang Rd, Chengyang District, Qingdao.
Qingdao North Railway Station: Licang District, Qingdao

Traffic to venue

From railway station: 18km, around 40 minutes (by taxi)
From airport: 26km, around 35 minutes (by taxi)

Support Team